Zach Calvert

Senior Software Developer
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Skilled senior software engineer focused in server development using primarily Java technologies with experience in agile methodologies, Atlassian utilities, unit testing, continuous integration, architecture, performance testing, Linux server diagnostics, server virtualization, and requirement analysis.
July 2015 - Current
Fort Worth, TX
Joined a marketing solutions print company to work on Java services and aid in the team transition to Agile practices and methodologies.
Melissa Data Smart Mover, Q4 2015
Developed a producer/consumer thread model that provided a 750% performance improvement in CASS and NCOA address validations vs the previous implementation.
Jdserv, Q3 2015 - Current
Provided development leadership in updating from Java 6 to Java 8, Spring 3 XML to Spring 5 Annotation driven service modeling, Ant to Maven, develop CI and CD Jenkins builds, work with IT to deliver JMX monitoring touch points, and aid in developing a Jira workflow.
April 2009 - April 2015
Alcatel-Lucent, contractor
Austin, TX
Started a software contracting firm to design and implement solutions for various business needs. Worked primarily on telecommunications software for Motive, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent.
ECS 2.0 Project, Q3 2011 - Q4 2011
Designed and developed various Spring-DM OSGI bundles for deployment in Apache ServiceMix as a tier component for a push notification system supporting PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. Integration work included hooking into Camel- XMPP for EJabberD messaging, CXF for front-end REST APIs, and designing data storage solutions for account management.
BCM 7.1, Q2 2011
Automated an eight hour manual deployment of a server suite and database for testing purposes. Delivered a five minute manual process with four hour automated delivery. Reduced complexity and opportunity for manual error, with full logging and error notification. Solution was designed using Selenium, Bash, STAF, JUnit, and integration into VM Lab Manager's SOAP API for machine management.
CAF 1.0, Q1 2010 - Q2 2011
Worked on a team developing a PC solution for an application store built on top of OpenJDK and the Apache Felix OSGI stack. Created a Jetty front-end for the client to communicate to the locally installed solution through their web browser, accessing applications, PC help flows, and account management. The solution also provides a fully extensible stack for application development by third parties.
BCM 7.0, Q2 2009 - Q4 2009
Provided support in moving the BCM project suite from a CVS centralized repository, built using manual bash scripts with no integrated artifact manager to a robust Maven build system centered upon an SVN repository with Atlassian build and project management tools. Also performed maintenance updates to an Eclipse RCP application, including updating RCP plugins as well as rewriting the application installer from scratch using NSIS.
January 2005 - April 2009
Austin, TX
Joined an experienced team of software developers providing flood research solutions as well as automated home valuation software for real estate and credit reporting industries.
Hornet, Q1 2007 - Q2 2009
Converted a legacy home valuation system capable of providing 30 vaulations per second to a custom RAM solution database capable of producing 15,000 valuations per second using a single server with an 8GB RAM footprint. Major factors contributing to the improvement included a new geospacial indexing architecture, custom RAM management, multi-threading techniques, and JNI bridging.
Hard Rain III, Q1 2005 - Q1 2007
Developed a flood research application integrating many different data providers into an Eclipse RCP (OSGI) based application. Provided map synchronization and various research and geospacial toolsets to achieve pinpoint accuracy for flood plane identification.
January 2000 - December 2004
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX
Graduated summa cum laude with a 3.8 GPA with a focus in breadth of languages including C, C++, Java, SQL, Visual Basic, Lisp, and Prolog.
Selective Skillset Summary
  • Java - Expert
    • OSGI - Intermediate
    • Spring - Intermediate
    • Hibernate - Intermediate
    • Apache ServiceMix -Intermediate
    • RCP - Intermediate
    • JUnit - Expert
    • REST - Intermediate
    • JMockit - Expert
  • Web Development - Expert
    • Weblogic - Intermediate
    • Apache Tomcat - Intermediate
  • SQL - Intermediate
  • Agile Methodologies - Intermediate
  • Test Driven Development - Expert
  • Linux - Intermediate
    • Bash - Intermediate
  • Objective C - Novice
  • Atlassian Tools - Intermediate
  • Maven - Intermediate